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Welcome to University of UTah AFROTC Detachment 850!

We are proud to have you.

This page is designed keep Detachment 850 in contact with it's AFIT, NECP, and AECP students.  It provides easy access information to Hill AFB and allows you to schedule appointments with the Detachment for in and out processing, PT tests, Leave, and any concerns you may have. 

For general questions or concerns please contact us at 801-581-6236 and you will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.

Mandatory Muster:

All AFIT/NECP/AECP students are required to muster bi-monthly on the 1st and 15th of every month, per AFROTC DET/CC, REGARDLESS if the dates fall on a weekend.  Please use the form located in the tab's drop down to muster or click here.

Uniform of the Day:

The UOD will be worn when attending any official appointment within the Detachment.  You will be asked to reschedule the appointment if you are not in proper uniform attire.
Inprocessing - OCPs/Flight Suit
Outprocessing - OCPs/Flight Suit
Fitness Assessments - PTUs (IAW 36-2905)



Appointments will approx 45 minutes. UOD will be worn when attending your appointment and you will be asked to reschedule if you are not in proper uniform attire.

UOD:  OCPs/Flight Suit

Schedule Appt

Submitting Leave

If requesting Ordinary Leave please submit through LeaveWeb.

If requesting Convalescent Leave, Overseas Leave or Permissive TDY please contact your AFIT LO for prior approval then submit though leaveweb. 

Please contact Detachment LeaveWeb Monitor at 801-581-6236 if you have any questions or concerns.

Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments can either be completed at the Detachment or HAFB.  If testing at the Detachment please contact us 1 week prior to the requested date. Otherwise, contact the FAC at HAFB.


Detachment testing times are below:
  Mondays - 1045-1400
  Tuesdays - Not Available
  Wednesdays - 0815-1400
  Thursdays - Not Available
  Fridays - 0815-1200

Schedule PT Test

Having troubles with you CAC reader at home?

Stop by the Detachment and we will be more then happy to accommodate you with a CAC computer, available during or after duty hours!

ADLS Training Available

Staying current on CBTs through ADLS is still a requirement while in your student status.  Limited training is available but accessible with your CAC!

HAFB Airman's Attic & Food Pantry

The below times are open to all ranks:

  • Wednesday 1700-1900
  • Thursday 1000-1400
Last Updated: 1/25/24