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Welcome New AFRTOC Students

For AFROTC DET 850 program entry, the below documents are required for ALL new students.

Where any original document is required, a copy of the document will be made and the original will be returned. The original is required for the purpose of verification. Failure to provide the below documents will severely impact your participation in the program. 

Certified birth certificate
 with raised seal (Original Document)

Social Security Card (Original Document)

U.S. Passport/Immigration Form I-551 (Applicable only if born outside the U.S. or Non-US Citizen)

Selective Service Verification Printout (males only)

You can complete this requirement here, if you have not done so already.

Previous College Transcripts

Provide an unofficial or official copy of your transcripts from the school which you previously attended.  "Transfer Credit" Transcripts will not be accepted.


This form will be completed by a certified physician. The Cadet will not be allowed to participate in any physical activity until this form is received. AFROTC Form 28

DoDMERB physical (if applicable)

If you have a completed/qualified DoDMERB physical (DD Form 2351, Report of Medical Examination) from applying to a military academy i.e. Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, etc., please bring in the DoDMERB package with the DODMERB qualification stamp.

Additional Documents

ACT/SAT Scores

If you have not taken either, it is highly suggested that you do

JROTC Certificate

Certificate indicating the # of years completed for JROTC. You must bring your ORIGINAL certificate, copy will not be accepted.

Civil Air Patrol Award

If you received any CAP awards, please bring in original certificate


Private Pilot License

Eagle Scout Certificate/Card

Girl Scout Certificate/Card

DD214 (Prior Military Only)

Voided Check (HSSP Winner's Only)

Turning in your Documents

If you have registered for the AFROTC courses, we highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with the NCOs for processing your documents PRIOR to the start of the semester.
Please email or call us at 801-581-6236 to schedule an appointment.

Last Updated: 1/29/24