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AFROTC Instructions & Program Resources

Cadet Operations

This instruction provides guidance for cadet operations in order to execute the AFROTC mission: Develop Quality Leaders for the Air Force.

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America's Air Force - A Profession of Arms

First, we must understand that our chosen profession is that of a higher calling, in which we hold ourselves to higher standards. To serve proudly and capably, our commitment to our cause must be unbreakable; it must be bonded in our mutual respect for each other.

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AFROTC Planned Academic Program

The academic plan is designed to ensure each applicant meets graduation and program completion requirements in a realistic manner while maintaining two years in the POC.  A sound, realistic academic plan is critical to ensuring academic success, is the source document for a cadet’s projected graduation date, and guides the cadet and detachment staff to that graduation.

AFROTC Form 48

Physical Fitness Score Chart

The PFA Score Charts are now on in 5 year increments.  Attached are the scores needed to pass the PFA.

PFA Score Charts

Cadet Portal Website

The button below will redirect you to the website for the cadet portal.

Cadet Portal


Last Updated: 1/25/24