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Note from the Commander

Lt Col Stewart

Welcome to what could be the best decision of your life!  AFROTC means different things for different people and individuals choose to join for a variety of reasons.  Amazing travel, unique opportunities, fascinating jobs, comradery, and a stable paycheck are just some of those reasons. A commonality most will quickly realize, however, is regardless of your individual reason to join, you will swiftly learn the significance for what it means to serve something that is greater than yourself.  You will learn what it means to serve our phenomenal nation, and become a part of the legacy that preserves the safety and defense of our great country.  AFROTC is a commissioning program and more-- it builds confidence, inspires selflessness, and instills integrity and self-respect within the individual.  Being part of Det 850 encompasses more than just training and learning leadership skills.  Here you will learn about Air Force Core Values and a culture of honor, commitment, and dedication.  Our mission is to “Develop Quality Leaders of Character for the Air Force & Space Force.”  Detachment 850 will give you the tools and equipment to excel in becoming not just a quality Air Force leader, but a better-rounded and confident human being equipped to tackle and solve any turbulent circumstance life throws your way.  We are a proud Service who serves to protect and defend our Nation with honor and dignity and will continue to uphold the freedom that has been fought by our past and present Airmen. If you think you have what it takes to help continue that legacy and be part of the next generation of Airmen who embodies excellence in all they do, then Aim High and give us a call.

Trek C. Potter, Lt Col, USAF
Commander, AFROTC DET 850

Last Updated: 1/22/24