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Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Overview

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program is designed for college students about to enroll as a freshman (four years of school left) or sophomore (three years of school left) that are pursing a B.A., B.S., Pre-Medical, or Pre-Law Degree.  If you already hold a bachelors degree, or are nearing completion, contact us to discuss your options with our AFROTC program.

What is the AFROTC program?

The AFROTC is a military training program for those that desire to serve in the United States Air Force as an Officer.  The length of the AFROTC program coincides with the completion of your bachelors degree, which is traditionally three to four years long.  When in the program you are required to be enrolled in two Aerospace Study (AS) courses every semester.  The academic AS courses are conducted in the classroom and cover general military knowledge, military leadership, and national security studies.  The Leadership Laboratory AS courses are designed for you to implement the knowledge learned in the classroom and practice leadership application in a military training environment.  After graduating with your bachelors degree and completing the AFROTC program you go on to serve in the world's greatest Air Force!  For more detailed information about the curriculum please visit AFROTC Courses and Training and see below!

If you are not interested in pursing a career in the Air Force you can still enroll in the academic courses, but may not enroll in the leadership lab sections.  Please contact us for further information on academic enrollment only.

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  • Freshman
    • Fourth Class Cadet (AS100)
    • Initial military training
    • No military service obligation, unless on scholarship
  • Sophomore
    • Third Class Cadet (AS200/250)
    • Field training preparation
    • No military service obligation, unless on scholarship
  • Junior
    • Second Class Cadet (AS300)
    • Intermediate cadet Leader
    • Must sign military service contract
  • Senior
    • Senior Cadet Leader (AS400)
    • Military service obligation
    • Graduation
    • Commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force

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Contracted and Scholarship Cadets

Cadets in the Professional Officer Course (POC) and scholarship cadets are called "contract cadets". There is no military service commitment until a cadet signs a military service obligation contract. After completing all Air Force ROTC and academic degree requirements, contracted cadets accept a commission appointed by the President of the United States as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

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Medical Standards

If you have concerns regarding a medical condition or prescribed medication that you have taken, or currently are taking, you can contact  our recruiting officer to discuss participation in AFROTC program and military service.  Whatever your medical status, there may be waivers available depending on diagnosis and treatment

If you wish to discuss MEDICAL QUESTIONS ONLY, please contact DoDMERB at 719-333-3562, otherwise contact our recruiting officer.

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Physical Standards

Along with staying in good physical condition, all cadets must conform to the maximum weight and body fat standards as established by the United States Air Force.  These requirements are necessary to maintain the proper degree of professionalism and a sharp, fit appearance in uniform.

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Enlisted Commissioning Programs

Certain programs offer active duty enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a commission. Once enrolled in the AFROTC program you can complete all bachelor degree and commissioning requirements in two to four years.


The Air Force provides healthcare professionals a wide array of funded educational and career-broadening opportunities. As an officer and a nurse, you'll be an indispensable and highly respected member of our medical team, providing state-of-the-art healthcare to Airmen and their families.


Air Force Graduate Law Program

Interested in Judge Advocate General (JAG) career? A JAG handles a wide variety of legal issues, gaining unmatched, real-world experience in the practice of law. Initially litigating courts-martial as a prosecutor, they have the potential to become defense counsel, offer counsel on multimillion-dollar contracts, assist deploying Airmen with legal issues and provide critical counsel to Air Force commanders around the world.


A Lifetime of Success

Learn more about the great resources and rich experiences that await your child in the U.S. Air Force.

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Last Updated: 1/25/24